LockDown with My sexy Neighbour Geeta Aunty

LockDown with My sexy Neighbour Geeta Aunty
Geeta Aunty

My name is Nakul and today I will tell you how I fucked my neighbor Aunty in lockdown. So now let me tell you about the aunty.

Aunty's name is Geeta her figure is very nice, especially her boobs are huge. She is living with her husband and one daughter. Her daughter is a nurse in a hospital, and her husband works in KIMS. So it was a month since the lockdown started. 

Due to the lockdown rules, her daughter and husband had to go to work We used to live in the same building so Aunty used to stay alone on her floor in everyone's neighborhood.

Geeta Aunty is 45 years old Due to duty her husband and daughter had to stay at work Because of that Aunty used to stay alone at home she started getting bored due to no one being at home.

So sometimes she used to call me to her house We used to pass the time by playing ludu or cards. Sometimes, We used to watch movies on TV and Pass our time.

3-4 Days I was passed like this. I started spending most of my time at Aunty's house. After that, I started getting attracted to Aunty. I used to stay with Aunty most of the time. That's why now I started seeing her boobs.

Now my dick started getting erect. I thought that I would definitely have sex with Aunty by taking advantage of this lockdown. So I made a plan and started making Aunty serious, then started my plan.

Whenever I started going to my aunt's house, I would not wear my underwear while going. would only wear pants through which my aunt could easily see my erect dick.

So I used to go to Aunty's house and tell her we would watch a romantic movie. So we started watching romantic movies for three days, in which she started showing different types of kissing scenes.

Seeing her, aunty also started getting excited. Sometimes, I started teaching her dance and started dancing with her. She also used to support me and never said anything to me. So, I also started getting excited.

Now, I started showing her sexy movies that had hot sex scenes. My dick used to get erect after watching them, and aunty used to watch them secretly. Her eyes used to fall on it. I was seeing all this. Maybe she was not aware of that. I also started liking it now.

By the way, the size of my dick is 6.5 inches. Because of this, my dick was big, and it used to come out a little from my pants. Now, I used to sit near Geeta aunty while watching movies and started keeping my hand on her shoulders.

Sometimes, while watching a movie, she would put her hand on my thigh.

All this had become normal now, so I thought of taking the plan forward.

Now, I did the same. I used to play sex movies, and she used to refuse to watch them earlier. But now she used to agree to watch them.

Now whenever something sex scenes come, her breath would increase, and my dick would get erect. Aunty would keep looking at it, now I started taking advantage of it. I started caressing her thighs, and at the same time, I started fondling my dick over my pants.

She was also watching all this. Geeta's breathing started increasing, and because of that, her boobs also started shaking. My dick started to get erect even more. Now, I started shaking it over my pants. Sometimes I used to show my dick to aunty.

Now, when the sex scene came in the movie, aunty turned her face away after seeing it. thought that aunty did not like it, so I asked aunty.

Me-Aunty, should I stop the movie or continue it?

Aunty did not reply to me, so I understood that aunty wanted that scene of the movie to continue. So I let it continue like that for 2 minutes. So I saw that there was no reply from aunty, and she was not getting angry either. So I felt relieved seeing this.

I started looking at Aunty's boobs secretly. Aunty understood that I was looking at her boobs. So she gave me a small smile on this, and I also understood immediately. Now, I put one of my hands on Aunty's shoulder and started caressing her shoulder.

I started caressing her feet with my other hand, so aunty also started liking it.

Now I said to aunty - Will it be okay if I call you Geeta?

Aunty- Yes, not a problem.

Now I felt even more sure as if I was in heaven. Now, she was looking at me, and I was looking at her. Now I gathered courage and went near her and gave her a small kiss. She did not do anything, so I gave her a small smile and started kissing her upper lip.

I put one of my hands on her boobs and started massaging them a little. So, I became happier when I saw that she did not react at all. Now I put my hand inside her maxi and started pressing her boobs. Now, she also started supporting me.

After all, how long can a woman stay away from sex? So I put my hand inside her bra and started massaging her boobs. Then I climbed on top of her and started French kissing her. She was also fully supporting me. Now, I picked her up and took her to the bedroom.

Me-Geeta I love you very much, ever since I have seen you I keep thinking about you only. Now I want to have sex with you?

Geeta (while smiling at me) - I am also hungry for this. Come and satisfy my hunger.

Now, I was possessed by the ghost of sex. I wanted to fuck her very badly. I took off her maxi and put both my hands on her boobs, and started kneading them. Now I started kissing her. I kept doing this for about 3 minutes. After that, I started licking her and kissing her neck.

Then I came to her boobs and started licking her nipples. Due to this, aunty started getting more excited. Then I started biting her boobs. Now I started sucking her boobs. I sucked both her boobs for a long time. I did this for about 4 minutes, and while doing this, I started coming down.

I pulled down her black-coloured panty. I saw that her pussy was completely clean-shaven. Now I put my tongue on her pussy and started licking it. Now such sounds started coming from her mouth that I started getting even more excited after listening to them.

Now I inserted one of my fingers in her pussy and started licking her pussy. Now Geeta aunty put both her hands on my head and started rubbing my face on her pussy. Now I took off my shirt and stood in front of Aunty's face.

Me-Now you take off my pants.

Now she took off my pants with her hands and started licking my dick with her tongue. Now I started enjoying it a lot. Now she started licking my dick like ice cream. Now she started slowly putting my entire dick in her mouth. Now I was very excited.

I put both my hands on her head and put my entire dick in her mouth. I kept her mouth closed with my dick for about 1 minute, due to which she started having trouble breathing. Now I took out my dick and started moving it in and out of her mouth again rapidly.

Now I had prepared my cock to insert it in her pussy. Then I spat on her pussy and started inserting my cock slowly inside. Her pussy was very tight, so I was having trouble taking my dick in and out. Then later, I put the whole dick in her pussy in one single thrust.

She felt pain as the dick went inside, and she started screaming louder. Now, I started enjoying her screaming at me. Now I started moving my dick in and out, and slowly different sounds started coming from her mouth.

Aunty-Aha, my God, please.

Hearing such things, I became even more excited and started pushing my dick in and out with great force. So she started screaming even louder due to the pain. Now I became more happy. and now I took out my cock and stood up.

Now I put my hand on her neck, put my cock in her throat and started fucking her mouth hard. Then I started sucking her boobs, and after about 20 minutes, I was about to cum.

Me-Should I put my cum inside your mouth?

Aunty - Yes, pour all the cum in my mouth.

I became happy after hearing this, and then I took out my dick and poured all my cum into her mouth. She slowly drank all my cum. Now, aunty was looking at me with thirsty eyes. I started drinking all my cum while kissing her lips.

Now I started fucking her every day. I used to stay at her house for four hours and have sex with her.

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