Romantic love making with GF Kritika in Goa

GF Kritika in Goa
GF Kritika in Goa

Hello fellow readers, my name is Pritam and I am 25 years old. I am sharing the romantic experience with my girlfriend Kritika in Goa.

Kritika is well-built with a size of 34-30-32. This happened when we were in second year of the masters program at a premium college in Bengaluru. We both got very nice and dream placement offers on the same day to join in Bengaluru after completion of our degree.

There was a 2-week gap to join after submitting our final exams and thesis. So we decided to go to Goa on my birthday. We booked 2nd AC train tickets (those were the only ones available) and I found a beachside Airbnb accommodation near Arambol beach in north Goa.

We were both excited for the trip. Even we kissed on the train at night, standing at the door when passing through the Ghat section before entering Goa.

By 11 am, we were at our place of stay, and the host showed us the house and gave us all details of nearby places.

The house was beautifully decorated, had a sea-facing balcony, and was a bit away from all the noisy places located around the area. We were tired and hungry, so we had lunch from a nearby shop and slept the whole afternoon. In the evening, I and my girlfriend went to the beach and had dinner with cocktails at a nice little hut on the beach itself.

The food was good and the cocktails were strong enough to give us a nice buzz. We talked and laughed while Kritika was giving me naughty hints for the night as my birthday was the next day. She asked me to go home and she would join me within some time. Then she returned with a bottle of wine, some chips, and 2 pastries for the night. I was already getting excited for the night.

Before midnight, my gf lit up the room with the candles, arranged the pastries, wine, and glasses in the hall. She then went inside the room and asked me to wait. Just as the clock struck at midnight, she came out of the room with birthday caps and glitter. She came close to me, kissed me, and wished me happy birthday.

Then we cut the pastries, had wine, and got drunk. The sound of sea waves and lighting made the night extremely romantic. We stood on the balcony, hugging and kissing and making out with each other for quite some time. Then she said I should get my birthday gift in the room and asked me to wait in the hall for 2 minutes.

She went inside and called me after some time. I went inside the room and my girlfriend was dressed in a sexy black satin dress. My dick got hard instantly. She came near me and told me I should “unwrap” my birthday gift. My birthday gift was she herself. I was already excited and pushed her against the wall kissing her, pressing her boobs and butt, and caressing her.

Kritika removed my t-shirt and started playing with my dick over the shorts. It was the hardest erection I had ever got. She then went down, removed my shorts, and started to suck. Her technique was amazing and she made me cum in a few minutes. I was in heavenly pleasure and primed to fuck her.

Then I pulled her up, kissed her, and threw her on the bed. I removed her dress and now Kritika was just in a black thong. She was looking mesmerizing. I slid the thong and started to lick my girlfriend’s clit. She started to moan, “Ohh! aahh! yeah!” I fingered her and licked her simultaneously, and within no time, her body was vibrating with pleasure and she squirted. Then she hugged me tightly but was still vibrating.

We kissed for a few moments and she was like, “Fuck me, Pritam..”

I had gone somewhat soft, so she stroked me back to erection and climbed on top of me. My lover took the dick and slowly inserted it in her pussy. Kritika then started jumping like a pro and took control. We kissed, and I spanked her and pressed her boobs.

After some time, I held her and turned her into a doggy position. Then I started to stroke her hard and fast and she was moaning like a porn star.

Kritika: Aaaah! Aah! Ahh! Go slow, be gentle baby!

I was in no mood of slowing down and kept fucking my girlfriend. After about 10 minutes of fucking, I gave final few strokes and cummed on my girlfriend’s back. Oh yeah, it was one of the best orgasms I ever got. I then cleaned her up with tissues and started to cuddle her.

We kissed for some time and she started to stroke me again. Soon, I was hard and I jumped onto her and entered her in the missionary position. I went slowly first and then started to increase my pace. Kritika’s beautiful boobs were juggling in sync with my strokes. She was moaning in pleasure. I adjusted myself and started to fuck her hard.

Her body started to shiver again with non-stop moans and I realized she was about to cum.

Kritika: Harderrr… Haaaarder… Ahhhhh!

And she came for the second time. Then we kissed but I continued to fuck her. After a few minutes, I came for the second time and this time, in my girlfriend’s pussy. We both fell into each other’s arms, tired and flushed. Then we looked into each other’s eyes. Our eyes were gleaming with love and pleasure. We kissed for some more time.

She then asked me if I wanted an after-sex cigarette. I never knew she had this guilty pleasure also. Kritika surprised me with a joint and a pack of cigarettes. We sat in the hall naked and smoked up.

We got high in no time and we were again kissing and cuddling on the couch. As were in the mood, we again started to fucked on the couch. This time, it was a long session with multiple positions with alternative slow and hard fucking periods.  We both came at similar times and passed on the couch itself.

In the morning, we freshened up and had another session in the shower. The three-day trip was full of romance and raunchy fucks. At the end of the trip, we were very close to each other. We then returned to Bengaluru and joined our respective jobs.

Slowly, we got engulfed into routine lives and romance continued for a couple of years, after which we broke up. She later got married to an IAS and moved to Delhi. We lost contact, but the memories remain.

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